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Tähän mennessä julkaistut albumit:

My world:

1.One time

2.Favourite girl

3.Down to earth


5.One less lonely girl

6.First dance (feat.Usher)

7.Love me

8.Common denominator

My world 2.0:

1.Baby (feat.Ludacris)

2.Somebody to love

3.Stuck in the moment

4.U smile

5.Runaway love

6.Never let you go


8.Eenie meenie (feat.Sean Kingston)


10.That should be me

My world the collection:

Ensimmäinen levy:

1.One time


3.One less lonely girl

4.Down to earth

5.U smile

6.Stuck in the moment

7.Favourite girl (Live)

8.That should be me

9.Never say never (feat.Jaden Smith)


11.Someboody to love remix (feat.Usher)

12.Never say never single version (feat.Jaden Smith)

13.Somebody to love J Stax remix

() (toinen levy(koko my world levy))


1.One time

2.Favourite girl

3.Down to Earth


5.One less lonely girl

6.First dance (feat.Usher)

7.Love me

8.Common denaminator

9.Baby (feat.Ludacris)

10.Somebody to love

11.Stuck in the moment

12.U smile

13.Runaway love

14.Never let you go


16.Eenie meenie (feat.Sean Kingston)


18.That should be me

Never say never The Remixes:

1.Never say never (feat.Jaden Smith)

2.Stuck in the moment (feat.Tyga)

3.Somebody to love remix (feat.Usher)

4.Up (feat.Chris Brown)

5.Overboard (LIVE) (feat.Miley Cyrus)

6.Runaway love Kanya West remix (feat.Raekwon)

7.Born to be somebody

Under the mistletoe:

1.Only thing I ever get for christmas


3.The christmas  song (Chestnuts roasting on an open fire)

4.Santa Claus is coming to town

5.Fa la la (feat. Boyz // Men)

6.All I want for christmas is you (Superfestive) duet with Mariah Carey

7.Drummer boy (feat. Busta Rhymes)

8.Christmas eve

9.All I want is you

10.Home this christmas (feat.Band Perry)

11.Silent night



1.All around the world feat.Ludacris


3.As long as you love me feat.Big Sean

4.Catching feelings

5.Take you

6.Right here feat.Drake


8.Die in your arms

9.Thought of you

10.Beauty and a beat feat.Nicki Minaj

11.One love

12.Be alright


Believe Acoustic:


2.As Long As You Love Me

3.Beauty And A Beat

4.She Don´t Like The Lights

5.Take You

6.Be Alright

7.All Around The World

8.Fall (Live)

9.Yellow Raincoat

10.I Would

11.Nothing Like Us-Bonus Track

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